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Related article: miss the handiwork of one or two artists for whose pictures there is always a ready-made welcome; neither Mr. Alfred Strutt nor Mr. J. C. Dollman are represented, and Mr. Wynn Ellis, who last year exhibited a hunting piece about the average in merit, this season figures as a portrait painter with a picture of Mr. Charles Gold (410). Miss Lucy Kemp Welch finds opportunity for one of her spirited paintings of horses in Lord Yasmin Generic Brand Dundonald's dash on Lady smith (417), which shows what we may take to be the ad- vance guard of the relieving cavalry galloping over rough ground towards the spectator. The horses are painted as we expect from Miss Kemp Welch, and the only fault we can find is that they are in much better con- dition than might be expected. Mr. Arthur Wardle sends four pictures ; " The Order Generic Version Of Yasmin of the Bath " (46) is perhaps the best ; it shows a small boy in nature's garb struggling into the sea under Generic Brand For Yasmin the burden of a not too willing Irish terrier, while a colley and a fox-terrier dance round the pair enjoying the misfortune Buy Yasmin Uk of their companion. " Tigers Disturbed *' (362) does not greatly appeal to us; but Mr. Wardle's study d pelicans in the water-colour room (1080) is admirable ; he has caught the chilly washed-out aspect of tlie clumsy birds to perfection. Mr. Ernest Crofts, R.A., has painted two excellent horses in "An Affair of Honour" (75); they are not the idealised steeds with which Yasmin Ed Tablets the romantic painter loves to provide cavaliers of the Stuart period, but useful nags of Yasmin Generic Name the sturdy, active type, despite their rather hairy heels ; just such horses as the average cavalier of the time probably did ride. Mr. Tom Mitchell sends a grouse-shooting picture (79) ; the liver - and - white pointer, whose head, by the way, is a bit coarse, is on birds, and the sportsman is coming up from the background over the purple heather. Man and dog are rather subordinate features in a very pleasing land- scape study. Miss Winifred Austen is coming to the fore as an animal painter. In " Enforced 'Abstinence " (No. 125) she has a lion and lioness restrained from drinking by the presence of a crocodile, who dis- Generic Form Of Yasmin plays a set of teeth whiter and more even than saurians can usually boast. "Flight" (No. 711), a stag pursued by wolves, is good, though we should expect the victim to Yasmin 28 Generic be making better time over country apparently so I90I.3 SPORTING PICTURES AT THE ROYAL ACADEMY. 431 imucb more favourable to himself than to his pursuers. The water- colour "Motherhood" (No. 1171), a she- wolf suckling her cubs, is a careful piece of work, and the •* Drawings of Wild Animals" (No. 1470), in the black-and-white room, are excellent. Particularly deserving of mention is the charac- teristic study of a polar bear's head. Mr. Charles Stuart's ** Craggy Heights: the Challenge" (No. 177), stags challenging across a stream, recalls Mr. Douglas Adams. In "The Fisherman" (No. 183), Mr. Tom Griffiths has an aged angler whose method of holding his rod suggests the physical dis- ability Yasmin 21 Tablets of severe rheumatism ; the butt is tucked into his armpit, and he grasps the rod with both hands ; he has had some Buy Generic Yasmin luck with the dace (?), however, so we need not criticise his method. The three Yasmin 3 Mg collies in Mr. Briton Riviere's "To the Hills" (No. 179) have rather the appearance of carefully combed and tended lady's dogs than the working partners of a shepherd. The atti- tudes are excellent, spirited and alert, but are they not just a little too richly endowed with tail ? The same inquiry rises to the lips on facing Mr. Mac Whirter's " A Fallen Giant " ^No. 203), a storm- thrown fir which a fox is regard- ing with evident doubt; never have we seen so profuse a brush on mortal fox. In **A Rising Generation " (195) Mr. Valentine T. Garland has packed three very small fox-terrier puppies into a huntsman's cap. A saddle, Buy Yasmin Online Uk horn and crop in this somewhat crowded canvas suggest their future career. Mr. Wright Barker sends an equestrian group, ** Mr. Harrison Benn and Daughters " (No. 270). Bone and substance are excellent things; Ocella Generic For Yasmin but here we have bone and substance in excess ; nor can praise be accorded to the drawing of the horses in other respects. Mr. £. Percy Wild sends a clever little picture, '* Yasmin Buy Online Enthusiasts " (No. Buying Yasmin Online 307), a little girl fishing from a punt, with fox-terrier, whose keen interest in the float is capitally expressed. A word of praise is due Generic Yasmin Zarah to Miss Alice K. Goyder's "Sub Luna" (No. 624), a clever study of a lion half seen in the dark, and to Mr. Philip Stretton's " Rough and Ready" (No. 656), a terrier on a bench mounting guard over dead rabbits. Mr. William Wall's ''Bolting the Otter" (No. 394) is skied, but, as far as can be judged, it deserved a better place. Another very similar otter-hunting picture is Mr. Walter Hunt's (No. 897) ; but the artist may be reminded that an otter ** bolts " and does not " break cover," also we should expect the quarry, under the circumstances por- trayed, to dive instead of swim- ming. Nearly all the few hunting pieces are to be found in Gallery IX. appropriated to small can- vases. Mr. George Wright's *• A Fine Hunting Morning " (No. 623) and " A Meet Yasmin Generic Price in the Market Place" (No 774) are clever little pictures of old Generic Name For Yasmin times. Mr. Charles E. Stewart's "Crossing Zarah Generic For Yasmin the Ford" (No. 708) is distinctly good. The huntsman is well seated on his horse, Generic Brand Of Yasmin and the hounds are well drawn. In ** Homewards " (No. 736) the same artist shows the pack on the brow of the hill, below which in the background the vil- lage lights gleam through the gathering dusk. The dusk effects in this little picture are very cleverly managed. Both of Mr. Stewart's works betray the sports- man as well as the artist. Mr. Thomas Blinks sends a clever horse picture in «* Non- Members " (No. 803), a whipper- 43« BAILY S MAGAZINE. fjni